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Draft Day.

Though he wasn’t the number one draft pick in 1984, he is considerably one of the greatest basketball players of all time. The legendary Michael Jordan was drafted to the Chicago Bulls by Rod Thorn in thirty years ago. Jordan opted to skip his senior year at UNC to enter the draft with teammate Sam Perkins and clearly he made the right decision. There was controversy regarding why Jordan was not drafted first, but at the end of the day he is well respected by any spectator and will forever be known as a legend. He emerged as the star of basketball and had the skill to prove it. Winning numerous Olympic gold medals, there was no limit to his success and drive. Therefore, 84tm’s “Draft Day” will emerge as a classic representing facts and creative innovation. More than a year, 1984 changed the face of politics, fashion, entertainment and began a prominent era within the NBA.


Crazy 8.

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was one of the greatest performers to ever grace the stage. His amazing energy and memorable melodies still live on today. One of his many chart topping singles “Thriller” will easily be remembered for many years to come. Thirty years ago this very day, Jackson reigned supreme at the 26th annual Grammy Awards and a total of eight awards were his for the taking. One of the eight awards, Album of the Year, went to Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson for the infamous Thriller. Jackson’s legacy has blazed a trail for many exceptional artists. Along with his influential music, Michael Jackson’s philanthropy has impacted many lives. It is a pleasure to present the “Crazy 8” from 84tm. This shirt was meant to make a statement in the ways Michael Jackson’s music has done for the world. February 28, 1984 was a glorious night for music and thirty years later we honor that magic.


What’s Love Got To Do With It.

1984 was a successful year in music. Some of the greatest songs of the century were released and are still playing as if time never passed. The legend and electric performer, Tina Turner, released the memorable single “What’s Love Got To Do With It” from her classic solo album Private Dancer that very year. Many claim that the powerful song established Turner’s role as a mainstream Pop and Rock artist worldwide. Not only was it a number one hit in the United States, but also one of the top records within the United Kingdom. This classic hit ranked #38 on Songs of the Century and was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2012. It is very rare to let this song play without singing along and enjoying Turner’s passion throughout. Needless to say, Tina Turner had a mighty year in 1984, winning even more admiration from her fans than ever before. 


Celebrating 30 Years.

Time really does fly when a revolution is underway. 2014 marks years of breakthroughs in entertainment, technology, and politics. As things were changing in the past and paving the way for us in the future let us take the time to remember the events that have managed to change the way we lead our lives. Right now, society is not simply existing but we are living, leading and creating to prepare for something special. The best part of celebrating 30 years with 84tm is that the party lasts all year long and it only gets better from here. 


January 16, 1984: Paul and Linda McCartney were arrested in Barbados for marijuana possession. It was not their first offense, but still raises question of marijuana possession within society. In honor of that event, the McCartney crew and shirt is still one of 84tm’s best-selling items. 


January 24, 1984: Apple introduces their revolutionary Macintosh personal computer. It declared technological power and innovation to individuals and continues to advance in their pursuit. Another shirt 84tm has launched ,that is also a crowd favorite, has made a major impact on our knowledge of Apple Inc.  


January 27, 1984: Michael Jackson, the king of pop and humanitarian was burned in the midst of shooting a Pepsi commercial and suffered from severe injuries. After his settlement with Pepsi, he donated all of the money to Brotman Medical Center in Culver City, California. 

Save The Best For Last.

Save the best for last

In 1984, black beauty changed society’s perception of American beauty. With so much animosity regarding the depth of Vanessa L. Williams’ complexion, her diverse ancestry was also a perfect representation of what America’s “melting pot” was known to be. Nevertheless, her beauty was undeniable and she was crowned the first  black Miss America in 1983 for the title of 1984. Unfortunately, Williams’ past became the center of a scandalous conspiracy resulting in raised questions of pornography. Although she fought tirelessly, her title was stripped from her but that certainly did not hinder her eminence as an African American role model. Years later, Vanessa Williams is known for her success in her acting and recording career along with her greatest hit “Save The Best For Last.” It would only be appropriate for 84tm’s final shirt of 2013 to carry this name for it’s dual meaning. With the year coming to a close, 84tm has saved the best for last and this particular shirt will forever represent defiance, beauty, strength, and honor in the same respect Vanessa Williams did.

The McCartney.

The infamous musical icon, Paul McCartney, was considered to be the son of mother nature as well as an influential musician. On January 16th, he and his wife Linda found themselves handcuffed in Barbados due to marijuana possession. This was not the McCartney’s first time experiencing difficulties with the law. Almost forty years later the laws prohibiting marijuana still stand, but society’s view of it has shifted. There has been a rise in legal harm and a decrease in private and comfortable living in some aspects. “Cannabis is less harmful than rum punch, whiskey, nicotine and glue, all of which are perfectly legal,” said McCartney. “I don’t think I was doing anyone any harm whatsoever.” 84tm presents to you the most sought after item “The McCartney”. This classic piece represents culture and radical change in a time of structure and conservatism.